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About Us

Embassy International Worship Center was founded in 2011 in the living room of our Senior Pastors, Apostle Bryan & Pastor Patrice Meadows. In the living room of their house they cultivated the sound of our house and the core values that has built Embassy Church today. As an apostolic hub, it is the vision of Apostle Bryan & Pastor Patrice Meadows to activate and cultivate gifts in people that will prepare them for global impact. We advance the Kingdom of God through innovative techniques, spiritual succession, and cultural engagement.

Our Leaders

Bryan Meadows is an Apostolic Voice to this Generation. He serves as apostolic covering for a network of leaders in North America and India. He and his wife, Patrice Meadows, serve as the Senior Pastors of Embassy International, a city Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Bryan Meadows is known for his gift of revelation, apostolic insight, innovative strategies and his tremendous heart to see transformation established in cities. In 2007 he began a work called Kingdom Campus Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia. He formed an international network of Next Generation Kingdom leaders in 2009, called Jubilee International Ministries, and a center for apostolic covering called Alliance of Ambassadors. His purpose is to ACTIVATE gifts, draw out DESTINY, and maximize the potential in this GENERATION and in GENERATIONS to come. To RAISE up and DEPLOY a GENERATION that can EFFECTIVELY invade the MARKETPLACE.


Patrice Meadows is a mother, author, pastor, and veteran educator. Alongside her husband, Apostle Bryan Meadows, she serves as the Senior Pastor of Embassy International Worship Center. As a Lead Pastor in the thriving City of Atlanta, an Empowerment Coach and the Founder of Atlanta SMART Academy, a charter school with a mission to use science, math and the arts to build students into innovative solutionists, she has made her life’s mission to inspire others to live the abundant that God has ordained for them.

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Purpose (Vision)

Our vision is to be a community, functioning in God’s divine order and inspiration, that ministers to the whole person. We aim to be a Spiritual Center where people of all races, ethnic groups, and cultural positions can come together to worship God and a Revival Center where people will find empowerment to fulfill their God-given mandate.

Pursuit (Mission)

Our mission is to Build People, Engage Cultures and Impact Nations for social reformation. Our pursuit, at Embassy International Worship Center, is to activate gifts in people that will prepare them for global impact and cultivate a culture of transformation through intimate praise and worship, the release of dynamic revelation, and the engagement of power prayer. Our agenda is to advance the kingdom of God through innovative techniques, spiritual succession and cultural engagement.


What We Believe


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