Prophetic Science


May 5-6 2017

In an age where prophets are in abundance, there is a fresh emphasis on the purity of the prophetic office. A need has emerged to define and demarcate true prophetic gifts among us. Are you one? Prophets must be raised in intentional environments, they must ascribe to a particular diet, and their gifts demand a certain measure of pressure… And this is why the School of Prophets was established. It was in these concentrated companies where prophets were trained in what I call “prophetic sciences”.

Prophetic Science is an intermediate level course in the technologies, strategies, and administration of the prophetic office. This class is for:

1. Those who feel called to the office of the prophet

2. Prophetic people who desires to sharpen their accuracy in the prophetic

3. Intercessors

4. Pastors looking to establish prophetic protocol and culture in a House

5. The mature Believer who desires to grow in the area of the prophetic

This class will cover prophetic administration, in both gift and office, with an emphasis on character and protocol. We will focus on the immediate history of prophetic expression in the 21st Century, and its trajectory over the next decade. This course is designed to challenge the student in the areas of academia, activation, and articulation.

By the end of this module the student should have a firm grasp on prophetic terminology, concepts, and philosophy, while demonstrating extreme proficiency in the areas of prophetic prayer, personal prophecy, and ministry protocol.

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