Our pursuit at Embassy International is to activate and cultivate gifts in people that will prepare them for global impact. The agenda is to advance the kingdom of God through innovative techniques, spiritual succession and cultural engagement. Reformation will occur through this confluence of cultures, colors and classes of people. We will impact the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God!


Our purpose at Embassy International is to be a place that RAISES LEADERS and ENGAGES CULTURE for SOCIAL REFORMATION. To cultivate a culture of TRANSFORMATION through intimate praise and worship, the release of dynamic revelation and the engagement of power prayer. We are called to INFLUENCE CITIES and IMPACT NATIONS.


Our plan is simply for God to have a church that functions in God’s divine order and inspiration. A church where people of all races, ethnic groups, and cultural positions can come together to worship God. A place where people will find grace and power to become all that God has called them to become.  A growing place, a place of salt and light, ministering to the whole person. Our plan is simply to BUILD PEOPLE, ENGAGE CULTURE, IMPACT NATIONS.